Our group, as part of the larger consortium, will characterize the transcriptome, root system architecture and root cellular architecture of many Ethiopian accessions of Sorghum bicolor in the presence of Striga and in the presence of at least two distinct microbiomes to test the hypothesis that the soil microbiome mediates, in part, Striga resistance in sorghum through modulation of root cell type patterning, morphology or underlying gene expression.


PI: Jos Raijmaakers, NIOO, co-PI: Taye Tessema, EIAR, co-PI: Pedro Krouse, CBS, co-PI: Wietse de Boer, NIOO; Harro Bouwmeester, UvA; co-PI: Tracy Raines, AgBiome; co-PI: Siobhan Brady, UC Davis

Lab Memebers:

Dorota Kawa